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The Irish Terrier Club of Southern California (ITCSC) is dedicated to the welfare, protection and improvement of Irish Terriers.  

The Irish Terrier is one of nine indigenous breeds from Ireland and considered to be one of the oldest of the terriers.  By the 1880's,  the Irish Terrier was the fourth most popular dog in Ireland and England and the breed first came to the US in the late nineteenth century.  The Irish Terrier Club of America (ITCA) was formed in 1897 in support of its popularity.

On March 9, 1963, the Irish Terrier Club of California was formed. It soon became evident that the geographical spread was just not manageable. The Southern California members chose to withdraw and form its own club on November 30, 1965. This was a very amicable split and the clubs (Northern California and Southern California) remain close to this day.

The first meeting of the ITCSC was held on February 13, 1966. Twenty-five enthusiastic people attended that first meeting. In 1974, the first Specialty was held with an all-breed show. In 1976, the first Independent Specialty was held in conjunction with the newly formed Great Western Terrier Association.

One of the charter members, Martha McGeein, knew the man who designed the logo for MGM, and asked his help in designing a logo for the ITCSC. The result is our Club logo and the influence of MGM is obvious.  

During the years, the club hosted several Irish Terrier Club of America Traveling Specialties. In June 1997, the club hosted a Traveling Specialty which was part of the national club’s centennial celebration.

Club activities include a supported entry for the Desert Empire Terrier Club of Southern California in January, followed by the Kennel Club of Palm Springs.  A meeting is usually held during that weekend.   In June, we have two Specialties and a supported entry with Great Western Terrier Association at the Santa Fe Dam Area in Irwindale.  Meetings are held during the year and our quarterly newsletter, “The Irish Mail” contains a report on show wins, health tips, and lots of trivia.

From the original 25 members, the club has grown to 80 members. This includes local members and members from around the country.   We have members from the Northern California Club which is reciprocated by members from our Southern California Club. The two clubs remain close and support each other’s Specialty Shows.

The ITCSC is always looking for ways to support our members by expanding activities. We want to keep in contact with breed professionals and pet owners alike regarding fun events, health, grooming and all other aspects of life with the . . . 

high spirited
full of fun
loyal and oh so lovable

 . . . Irish Terrier. 

Our Board

The ITCSC Board and Club positions are filled by a knowledgeable and respected group of individuals who are true ambassadors for the Irish Terrier breed and our Club.
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